Iraq Civil War Too Dangerous: Al-Qaeda withdraws from conflict!

(USC News : International) Speaking to war supporters today The President stated that US forces were on the verge of victory. The President called attention to new reports from inside Iraq that claim Al-Qaeda is pulling out. According to Mr.Bush we have reason to celebrate. A video taped statement from Osama Bin Laden aired on AlJazeera declared “The ongoing civil war has made Iraq too dangerous for our suicide bombers to pursue the work of our global Jihad.

Sources inside the global jihad claim the situation has “gotten out of control” and Al-Qaeda can no long operate effectively. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was nearly killed last week, not by the US army, but by insurgents while shopping for a new explosive belt in an East Bagdad market. The near death experience convinced Al-Zarqawi it was time to pull out Iraq. According to reports the cost of security is crippling the efforts of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Speaking on the AlJazeera network Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi complained about his position in Iraq. “Osama kept on telling me to stay the course, stay the course, mission accomplished, whatever.” Al-Zarqawi went on to explain “The whole point of terror is to shock people and control them with fear. We have found this impossibleto do as the entire country is now bathed in blood almost daily.” Other leaders of the Jihad complained it’s just impossible to make the evening news in the climate of chaos that exists in Iraq. “With so many bodies turning up it’s just not shocking any more.”

With the situation in Iraq making Al-Qaedas work nearly irrelevant Al-Zarqawi is leaving. “But don’t call it a cut and run. We call it a strategic redeployment.” says Osama Bin Laden. With the Sunni and Sader militia death squads and the government death squads, Al-Zarqawi and Al-Qaeda just can’t compete. Al-Zarqawi also said “there is no end in sight to the war in Iraq and the supporters of global Jihad are losing patience with Osama Bin Ladens handling of the situation.”

As he left Bagdad Al-Zarqawi asked one question of the reporters, “What is the Arabic word for quagmire?”