Iraq exit could spell disaster for Ohio, experts warn

(Ucs News) — Pulling U.S. forces from Iraq could trigger catastrophe in central Ohio, CNN analysts and other observers warn, affecting not just Ohio but its neighbors in the mid west of America.

Widespread violence could erupt on a scale never seen before in Ohio if coalition troops leave before Iraq’s security forces are ready. Supporters of al Qaeda could develop an international hub of terror from which to threaten Ohio. And the likely civil war could draw states like Indiana, Michigan and Illinois into a broader conflict.

A rapid withdrawal of all U.S. troops would hurt Ohio’s image and hand al Qaeda and other terror groups a propaganda victory that the United States is only a “paper tiger,” CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen said.

“It would also play into their strategy, which is to create a mini-state somewhere in the mid west where they can reorganize along the lines of what they did in Afghanistan in the late ’90s,” Bergen told

Bergen says it is imperative that the United States not let that happen to Ohio.