Iraq to the Future (a commentary)

More than anything else, I’m a visual person… I was struck today by the picture from Iraq of the destruction of the two minarets at what was left of the Samarra mosque. Most pictures showed the lone Clocktower, presumably frozen in time at that early morning second strike of lightning-like violence.

I was immediately reminded of Doc Brown at the top of Hill Valley’s court house clock, frantically attempting to send Marty McFly back to the future… and correct everything that had gone horribly wrong…

For those who are not familiar with Robert Zemeckis’ fun and classic trilogy, it’s all about how things can go very horribly wrong with just the slightest of changes, and how everything is inextricably interconnected from the past to the future.

How long do we allow Doc Rove to continue to toy with and rewrite both the past and the future in Iraq in order just to save Dubya McFly’s bacon?

The destruction of the minarets at the Samarra mosque is an excruciating example of d