Iraqis Praise Bush Strategy for Victory in Iraq and Look Forward to a Full Fledged Civil War

The Iraqi people have welcomed the tough talk from the President today as he outlined his plan to wrap up the conflict in Iraq. Bush spoke powerfully in support of his failing Iraq War plan and gave hope to many Iraqis who are looking forward the bloody civil war that we mostly likely follow the American victory and pullout.

“The President has given me great hope,” Says Iraqi Mohammed Ya Betjabooty. “Hope that the American troops will soon declare the war won and the Iraqi troops trained up, so we can start the real Iraq war, the civil war. Seriously, there is no way the Iraqi army, no matter how big it is, is going to put down this brewing civil war. I mean the most powerful nation on earth can’t keep the peace, so how will the crappy Iraqi army do it. This war is coming and I’m looking forward to it.”

The truth is Ya Betjabooty is not the only Iraqi that wants the Americans gone so the civil war can start in earnest.

“The country of Iraq has been bound together by tyrants for it’s entire history and many Iraqis feel it about to be payback time.” Says Mid East Expert and Iraqi Abdul Abbas of the New Iraqi Century Project, a Washington based Iraqi exile think tank. “The Sunnis have had control for a generation and the Shiites are good and mad and want to pound the Sunnis into dust. And how can we forget what Saddam and the Sunnis did to the Kurds.”

“The Kurds have a very serious bone to pick with the Sunnis and when the American leash comes off, look out. And we can’t forget that the Kurds sided with Iran against the Sunni and the Shiites during the Iran Iraq war. I’ll tell you what, when Bush declares victory and the Americans leave, that is when the fun is really going to start.” Continued Abbas.

Not all Iraq experts agree that when the Americans leave a full scale civil war will break out and swamp the infant Iraqi democracy. Mohammad Ja Kidden, a journalist for the Baghdad Times, thinks the civil war has already started.

“The civil war has already begun in earnest, but the Americans are so self centered they think they are fighting an insurgency.” Says Ja Kidden. “The Sunni and Shiite death squads are slugging it out and they just want the Americans to get out of the way. The truth is, the Americans are just getting caught in the cross fire and Bush needs to pull out the troops before this power keg of his making explodes and someone gets hurt.”