Washington– World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz dictated terms of pay raises and promotions for what the bank called his domestic partner, The Washington Post reported.
Citing documents released by the bank, the Post said Wolfowitz personally set the terms under which the bank gave pay raises and promotions to Shaha Ali Riza, in exchange for which she temporarily left her job at the bank while he was still president.

Wolfowitz Thursday admitted helping to arrange a raise in pay for his companion when she was transferred from the bank to the U.S. State Department but remained on the bank payroll. As he addressed World Bank staff members, some in his audience responded with boos and calls for his resignation, The New York Times said.

Ali Riza said she couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. ” I fulfilled Wolfie’s every need, just like Monica Lewinsky did for Clinton. If that wasn’t deserving a raise, I don’t know what would!”

Wolfowitz commented, ” I felt left out and lonely, being the only one of President Bush’s appointees without a scandal! Now I can join the rest of his embarrassing selections such as Gonzales, Scooter,Rumsfeld, and the rest of his incompetent friends. I guess I’ll be fired, but I’m looking forward to going down in history as the chief liar in getting involved in the war with Iraq.” Wolfowitz winked…. ” That Shaha ali Riza! Those Arab women have hot blood. I can understand why the suicide bombers look forward to heavenly virgins!

Rabbi Sholem Goldstein of Temple Beth El in Washington expressed his dismay. ” Cavorting with an Arab girl yet! Not only is he going to be fired from the World Bank, but we are declaring him non-Kosher, ‘chazir-treif’ and banning him from our temple!”