Ivanka Trump to Open Office of Reality in White House

Ivanka Helps Trump in the Office.
Ivanka Helps Trump in the Office.

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources report that Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Mr. Trump the inhabitant of the White House, will be joining the West Wing. She will be heading up an office called the Office of Reality.

“We are so excited to have Ivanka joining the White House,” Says White House junior spokesman Ben Lyon.  “She will be such a breath of fresh air in the administration.  And boy can we use her.”

The Office of Reality will be a new White House department that will report directly to the Office of the President.  The office will be responsible for injecting a much-needed dose of reality into the Trump Administration.  The department will not be in charge of programming or maintaining the network of Reality Distortion Generators that the administration is building nationwide.

“This is all part of the team of rivals approach that Mr. Trump is fostering in his administration.  Ivanka will be a direct counterpoint to Mr. Trump and Stephen Bannon,” says White House watcher Keith Harris, of The Harris Group.  “It is a big job.  Trying to inject reality into the Trump universe is a daunting task.”


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