I've Solved Your Financial Crisis. You Can Thank Me Later.

I got an exciting offer in my email this morning. It came from a Mark Farrell at Mrfarrell16@earthlink.net . Mark tells me that he’s a South African banker who figured out a way to clip a huge sum of money from his bank without anyone noticing. I include his email address since at this point, for strictly personal reasons, I am unable to take him up on his generous offer to transfer into my checking account “(GBP)14, 597.864.00 Great British Pounds,” but I thought that maybe one of you out there might be interested . You see, Mark somehow got my name and email while he was doing research, looking for, as he put it, “a reliable, honest and a trust worth (sic) person to entrust this huge transfer project with.” God knows how he settled on me, since I’m none of those things- just ask any of my friends. But even though I’m saying no thanks, I’m giving one of you the chance to cash in big…or spam the crap out of the address, I don’t care which.

At first I was going to write Mr. Farrell back, who by the way purports to be a manager from that South African bank, and give him a link to the