Jamie-Lynn Inks $10 Million Deal with Fox for Exclusive Live Delivery Room Coverage

New York, NY (O! Online) – Lynne Spears, the mother of both Britney and now pregnant teenager Jamie-Lynn announced today that after intensive negotiations she agreed to sell the rights for live coverage of daughter Jamie-Lynn’s labor and delivery to Fox News. The delivery is anticipated sometime this spring, and the deal has reportedly netted Jamie-Lynn and mother a cool $10 million from the Rupert Murdoch empire.

Fox’s payout dwarfs that of the reported $1 million agreement for exclusive baby pictures obtained by OK! Magazine.

A Fox spokesperson stated that they planned to use at least three cameras which would bring the birth in the delivery room “up close and personal” to Jamie-Lynn’s millions of fans. “This should be groundbreaking coverage,” stated the spokesperson, “and the ultimate in reality television.”

“We are a little concerned over the potential graphic nature of the coverage, and the fact that Ms. Spears is only 16,” continued the spokesperson. “But our lawyers have assured us that with the tactful use of digitizing filters, and the overwhelming public service value in regards to teen pregnancy the coverage should offer, we’re good to go.”

Casey Aldridge, Spears’ boyfriend, and reportedly the father of the child, spoke with O! Online about this latest development.

“I really had planned on being there for Jamie Lynn, and maybe even filming the event myself,” stated Aldridge. “I’ve got a private tape about how it all got started, and it would be great to do a follow-up… but they’re talking three cameras and a sound and lighting crew. It’s kind of pushed me right out of the delivery room. I don’t mind though, I guess I can just watch right along with everybody else at home.”