Jeremiah Wright Endorses John McCain : Arizona Senator Too Extreme for America?

(DETROIT) Ucs News — The controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered an fiery, unapologetic speech on Sunday, as he defended his endorsement of Republican John McCain in the presidential campaign. Following his public split with the Obama campaign Rev. Wright has been supporting McCain while on a national speaking tour.

“I am not running for the Oval Office,” said the controversial Chicago minister and supporter of John McCain, addressing a sold-out fundraiser for the Detroit NAACP. “I have been running for Jesus for a long, long time, and I’m not tired yet.”

As Wright was speaking in Detroit, presidential candidate John McCain was working to distance himself from Wright. “Just because he supports me doesn’t mean that I agree with what he preaches.” stated the visibly irritated McCain. The Arizona Senator has been frustrated by continuous attacks since he became aligned with Wright.

A national opinion poll showed that 76% of likely McCain supporters were upset about his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. John McCain now faces the tough choice. Should campaign on his qualifications as a leader or start race baiting in the run up to the November elections?