Jerome Corsi Reveals Evidence of Bigfoot

Right wing political figure Jerome Corsi has stunned the world today by revealing evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Corsi held a press conference today and showed pictures of the remains of an actual Bigfoot and provided DNA evidence as well. Corsi then made the rounds of the talks shows to discuss the amazing discovery.

Corsi and fellow hikers Gary Parker and Rick Dyer were out hiking in eastern Georgia when they apparently discovered what they believe is a corpse of a Bigfoot. The three also claim to have seen other Bigfoots in the area.

“You have to hand it Corsi, he knows how to make a splash.” says Washington watcher and radio personality Ron Elving. “Corsi has knack for getting people all riled up. Four years ago it was the attack book Unfit for Command, a week ago another attack book Obama Nation and now Bigfoot. He is on a serious roll. Having reviewed the latest book and the Bigfoot evidence I figure they are on par with his past work.”

Corsi, a man known for his strong political views, has redefined himself in just one day of media coverage. Once a known quantity in the world of politics he has now ventured into the world of cranks and crazies. Only time will tell if these revelations of a Bigfoot discovery will measure up to his past revelations in the political world.