Jessica Simpson Offers Trailers To Katrina Victims

(New Orleans–LA) Recently separated Jessica Simpson wasn’t shedding any tears over her split with husband Nick Lachey as she rode into Saint Bernard Parish leading a caravan of 2000 trailers that she is selling “at slightly above cost” to the Parish, which was devastated by hurricane Katrina. Since the disaster, many residents have been living in makeshift tents.

“I may live in a house now,” said Simpson, “but I know what it’s like to live in a trailer; and to lose that trailer, whether it’s being repossessed or through a natural disaster like this, it still hurts.” After Simpson was told that the trailers were not to replace houses but to be a substitute until the area is rebuilt, the pop star was quick to add: “Well, houses are good too, like I said I live in one now.”

The trailers are part of a new lifestyle line that the singer is launching called Trailer Trash? “I made it interrogatoryly because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and ‘Trailer Treasure?’ was kind of confusing.” The line also includes pink flamingos, halter tops, hip-hugger jeans with an accessory called Glory Hole Wet Wipes, all branded Jessica Simpson Trailer Trash? When asked to explain the last item, Simpson was brief. “For those who know, no comment is necessary. For those who don’t