Pope Benedict XVI assembled his Cardinals this morning and gave them momentous news;
“I received a message from Jesus last evening!”
There was a hush, as the Cardinals eagerly awaited the details.
” The Holy Son appeared as I was preparing my evening prayers.” said the Pope to the gathering.

” He told me that U.S. President George Bush was not heeding His advice of ‘Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Man,’ and that after great thought and some sorrow, He was switching His party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. and will cease communicating with the President”
Cardinal Francini injected. ” Holy Father, I feared that this would come about some day. It will be a severe traumatic shock for President Bush. So many are ‘jumping ship’, as they say in America!”
The Pope shook his head sadly. ” Yes, I’m sure it will be.
I have contacted the Reverend Billy Graham to inform the President. He has reluctantly agreed to take on this onerous task.”

” The only one left for him to turn to now, will be his wife Laura, and his dog, Barney.” murmured Cardinal Francini .