Jingo All the Way: New Christmas DVD Starring Bill O'Reilly

New York, NY (O! Online) – Just in time for Christmas, Fox news announces the release of the DVD remake, “Jingo all the Way” starring Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. The movie is available exclusively online at the Fox News website and is available in both full and wide-stance formats. A portion of the proceeds will go to help fund troops in O’Reilly’s floundering War on Christmas.

In the movie, harried right-wing pundit Howard Langston (portrayed by O’Reilly) is late for his mistress Jamie’s (Coulter) Christmas party. To placate his unhappy bimbo, he asked her if there is anything she wants for Christmas. She wants a baby Jesus, internally illuminated by a 150 W bulb. Howard naturally forgets to get it, and being Christmas Eve, most stores are open, and still have it, but at a price Howard is not willing to pay. So Howard embarks on a comical quest to steal one. But while Howard is going insane trashing church nativity scenes across the city, his mistress is wondering where he is and is putting the moves on a married Democratic presidential candidate.

“Jingo all the Way” is rated R, for strong language, nudity, moral turpitude, a variety of sexual content, and Republican family values.