Joe Lieberman: "If I Lose The Primary, I'm Going To Try And Destroy The Democratic Party."

United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (D, Conn.) has hinted today that if he loses the Democratic nomination for his Senate seat, he’ll probably try to collect enough signatures to be able to run as an Independent candidate. The Senator, while not actually insane, still swears that there are still enough members of his constituency who would sign any petition to keep him representing them.

Facing poll numbers that even George W. Bush would laugh at, Mr. Lieberman has suffered greatly from his support of the War In Iraq. Senator Lieberman apparently believed at the time and possibly, at least if the new meds aren’t working yet, still does, that the United States getting itself bogged down in Iraq would keep the State of Israel safer. Unfortunately for Mr. Lieberman, even the most militant Israelis have long ago realized that George Bush’s foray into Empire Building is one of greatest threats to their civilization since Pharaoh refused to let them leave Egypt.

But while George W. Bush is about as bad as a case of boils, Joe Lieberman sure ain’t no Moses. In fact, no one is quite sure what Senator Lieberman is; he’s certainly not a Democrat. As Al Gore’s running mate in 2000, he was instrumental in forming the strategy that distanced the Gore/Lieberman ticket from then President Bill Clinton’s budget surpluses and the concept of sanctions to keep rogue states in lines as opposed to, say, invading and completely and utterly destroying them, and ourselves, in the process.

The reason the Connecticut Senator cited to ignore his running mates obvious connection with one of the most fiscally responsible Presidents of the twentieth century? He had a consensual affair with an intern. On the other hand, despite the economic destruction of this country and the physical destruction of Iraq, Mr. Lieberman still thinks Mr. Bush was a good idea. Why? Because Mr. Bush is a moral man. In fact, Mr. Lieberman is a prime example of why there should be a separation between church and state.

In looking back over the last century, one thing becomes obvious. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a mistress and he got us out of the Great Depression and won WWII. Truman? No mistress