Joe Lieberman Joins The Dark Side of The Force and Becomes a Republican

Unconfirmed sources report that Joe Lieberman has decided to join the dark side of the Force and become a Republican. Lieberman made the announcement today at the Hartford Connecticut courthouse just after he filed a revised voter registration card with his new party affiliation. Lieberman has also announced that he will be the new Republican candidate and will face off again against democrat Ned Lamont in November.

“It’s about time he just stopped messing around and joined the Dark Side.” Said Darth Vader, who was speaking on behalf of Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman. “Joe is a tough, bullheaded, guy who doesn’t know when to quit and that makes him perfect for the Dark Side… I mean Republican party. We don’t need people who think about issues here, we need people who KNOW about issues. I’m looking forward to having Joe on the Dark Side. I see big things for him… big things.”

“Joe needs to do what right for Joe.” Says Howard Dean head of the DNC. “Joe was once a force for good, but now he has turned. The force is strong in him, it will be a great loss. But we will fight on, for the Dark Side can not be allowed to win in November. Lord Vader and his dark minions will be defeated.”

Lieberman transition to the Dark Side is expected to be completed next month when the Congress returns to Washington to wage battle in preparation for November’s midterm elections.