Joe Lieberman To Run As Bull Moose Party Candidate

Connecticut Senator and one time Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, stung by his Democratic primary loss to upstart Ned Lamont, has announced plans to run as the Independent, Republican, Know Nothing or Bull Moose Party’s candidate in the November general elections…or in his words, “Any party, regardless of their philosophy, that will let me keep my cushy Washington job.”

Just minutes after phoning Mr. Lamont to concede defeat, Mr. Lieberman announced plans to run as an Independent candidate for Connecticut Senator. Unfortunately for the erstwhile vice presidential hopeful, the Independent Party replied to his statement by saying, “Jesus, doesn’t this clown ever just accept defeat and give up?” Pained by yet another rejection, Mr. Lieberman then announced that he would accept the nod from the Bull Moose Party, who’s fifteen members voted to endorse him as their candidate by a wide margin, or 8 to 7.

A jubilant Lieberman, looking very much once again like a winner after his loss to Mr. Lamont has vowed to continue his quest to support Republican President George W. Bush, because, in his words, “God, I just really love that man.”

While the Bull Moose Party and their platform are relatively unknown in Connecticut, and indeed on planet Earth, word is that the party was formed by another, if more respected loser of his party’s primary, Teddy Roosevelt, away back in 1912. In that election, both Roosevelt and his onetime friend and ally William H. Taft, due to the party split caused by Roosevelt and the Mooser’s, lost to Woodrow Wilson. Let that be a lesson to all you Democrats.

Speculation seems to be that Lieberman, a closet Republican since 2003, if he’s no longer able to do it in the Senate, aims to help his friend George Bush in any way he can, including splitting the Democratic vote to allow a GOP candidate to win in November.

The question is why Mr. Lieberman, once respected enough by Democrats that he was chosen as their vice presidential candidate, would turn on his party and it’s principles to give such unfailing support to one of the stupidest Republican presidents in the history of that party. The answer, according to political analyst Melvin Gibson is, “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” But in a time when Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that George W. Bush’s policies are destroying the planet, Mr. Lieberman seems to be out of step with anyone who wants to live.