Joe Lieberman's Ego Breaks it's Moorings and Destroys Rural Connecticut

Unconfirmed sources report that Joe Lieberman’s ego has finally been secured after breakings it’s moorings yesterday and causing severe damage as it careened over the Connecticut countryside. Governor Jodi Rell has suspended the state of emergency she called yesterday and life is returning to normal outside the affected areas.

The mayhem and destruction started yesterday as Joe Lieberman’s ego, which is very large, apparently broke free from it’s moorings. The ego which is estimated to be over 400 feet in diameter created a path of destruction as it bounced crazily across the state. Damage from Joe Lieberman’s ego is spread over several counties and is said to be very severe in some areas.

Joe Lieberman’s ego was on the loose for nearly 20 hours until National Guard units with the help of regular military and even some civilian volunteers managed capture it. It was touch and go until a tank round punched a hole in it and deflated just enough to allow it be captured.

“I’ve never seen an ego like that before, I mean from a democrat.” Admitted Joe Fletcher, Enfield Connecticut resident. “Sure we’ve seen’em big, but nothing like this. That ego was huge and presents a real danger to the community. With all the damage it did it’s a wonder nobody was killed.”

“Joe Lieberman’s ego has been contained.” Say Governor Rell. “But the ego is big and seems to be growing, even after it’s initial deflation. The brave men and women of the Guard and regular military assure me that they can keep Joe Lieberman’s ego secure until November, but after that there is no telling what could happen. We are just holding our breath around hear and hoping for the best.”

Joe Lieberman’s office refused to comment on the runaway ego.