Joe Sixpack files suit against McCain/Palin Campaign "False Statements must stop"

(Chillicothe, Ohio) Ucs News- Joseph Sixpack, Known to his friends as “Joe” Sixpack is a hard drinking building contractor with a wife and two kids. Joe, a long time resident of Chillicothe Ohio, is filling suit to stop the Republicans for mis-characterizing his political view point. “I’m a Democrat, and I’m putting my faith in the hands of the Harvard Graduate and not some clapped out old time fighter jock who happened to marry into a beer fortune.” Says Joe Sixpack.

Joseph Sixpack, son of Rose and Darrel Sixpack, considers himself a progressive. “I don’t care much for big or small government either way, I just want one that works.” said Sixpack. This approach to government has Joe Sixpack supporting Barack Obama.

Joe Sixpack is also very concerned about the current economic crisis. According to Sixpack, McCain and the Republicans “should be taking the heat for this screw up.” And “Anyone can see the Bush administration’s change to the debt equity ratio was going to make too much credit available. Don’t get me started about the The London Interbank Offered Rate.” says Sixpack “it’s a disaster!”

“The idea that I would support McCain and his crazy half baked plans for deregulation is an insult to me. I admit to being a policy wonk but McCain should at least show a basic understanding of economic theory.” said Sixpack.