John Howard Accuses Dixie Chicks of Aid to Al Qaeda

Sydney, Australia (APE) – Immediately after the Dixie chicks win of five Grammy awards last night, Australian Prime Minister John Howard stepped forward to accuse the group of providing aid and comfort to Al Qaeda, and banned them from any appearances in Australia. Howard, along with his secretary for the treasury Peter Costello, produced for reporters a case of Dixie Chicks CDs of their recent album which they claim the Australian government had intercepted and was headed for Iraq.

“We may have received some flak from the Obama business, but here is conclusive proof,” stated Howard. “Rest assured that Australia will do its part in the war on terror and everything within its power to provide for the safety of its troops.”

Howard refused to comment further over Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama’s suggestion that Australia might consider increasing its troop presence in Iraq to cover the 20,000 additional forces that the Bush administration insists are needed. He stated only that he refused to play politics with Australian soldiers lives.

The Dixie chicks last night won the five Grammy awards that they were nominated for, in what many have suggested is a public affirmation of their continued stance against the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. A spokesperson for the Dixie chicks stated that they had no comment in regards to Howard’s statement and stated only that “they were not ready to play nice”.