John McCain awarded Purple Heart for wounds suffered in Iraq debate

(Washington : Ucs News) In a Rose Garden ceremony, President George W. Bush awarded Arizona Senator John McCain the order of the Purple Heart. The President then offered McCain the following tribute “John has served his country proudly never fearing injury or death, today, I honor John McCain for wounds sustained while debating the Iraq war policy.”

The Senator tearfully accepted the Purple Heart as reward for his sacrifice. Wiping tears from his eyes, McCain stated, “Thank you Mr. President, it has been my great honor to defend your failed war policy and while this service has cost me dearly, I will continue to blindly follow you into political oblivion.”

Indeed, McCain has paid dearly for supporting the Presidents’ war policy. With no end in sight, the war has already cost McCain his personal dignity, the respect of his peers, and his coveted “Maverick” status.

In the wake of this weeks’ massive bombings and mass killings in Baghdad, John McCain may be standing in the Rose Garden but his presidential aspirations have been laid to rest in Iraq.