John McCain Better Prepared To Lead During Our Nations Coming Hardships

(Orange County) Ucs News– As I see it the Arizona Senator John McCain will be able to withstand coming the hardships destined to face most Americans in the next four years. The slow motion train wreck of the US financial system will bring changes to each and every Americans life. John McCain is in a unique position lead us into and out of the coming darkness.

First of all it is John McCain that has survived more than one flaming air plane crash. We need a president that will be able to survive the coming impact of our collapsing banks. In 1967 McCain survived when his A-4 Skyhawk blew up, who better in 2009 to crawl out from under the flaming wreckage of our shattered economy?

After months of criticizing the McCain campaign for it’s focus on the Arizona Senators experience as a P.O.W., I have come to see his experience trapped and starving for years will help us all as we suffer though the loss of our nations wealth.

I’m not saying Americans will be living in underground cells but we will be forced to make do with less. So as are we are forced to watch digital television on 6 year old flat panel LCDs John McCain can comfort us with tales of being buried alive. We have it easy I say!

And who better to capture the imagination of the sinking middle class working man, as he drinks himself into oblivion after working his 12 hour shifts.

Look at John McCain. He’s a man living the American dream.
He is the president and he is married to a liquor distributor.

We should all be so lucky.