John McCain Calls Detroit A Little Safer Than Baghdad

John McCain fresh from a Baghdad presidential election publicity tour paid a visit to Detroit Michigan today. McCain who has been criticized for painting too rosy a picture of the situation in Iraq toured the city with Police Chief Ella M. Bully-Cummings. The two strolled across beautiful Hart Plaza escorted by three Apache Helicopters, 10 Marines and a platoon of Detroit’s finest.

“John McCain is in touch with the people of Iraq and Detroit.” Says McCain spokesman Ben Lyon. “The senator takes great pride in being able to get close to the people and get a real sense of what conditions are like every where he visits.”

The presidential hopeful has been a busy man on that front having just returned from a stroll down a busy and prosperous market just out side the green zone in downtown Baghdad. In Baghdad, McCain was escorted trough a safe area by 100 Marines, three Black Hawk Helicopters and two Apaches.

“Baghdad is a lot like Detroit.” Said the flack jacket wearing McCain. “Detroit has a large number of Arabs. But look how safe this place is.. I only need 10 Marines, three Apaches, one flack jacket and 51 police officers to feel safe.”

The senators press conference at Hart Plaza was cut short as no one could hear the senator over the roar of the circling Apache helicopters.