John McCain Defends Role in SwapGate Scandal

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain defended his actions on behalf of supporters and former staff involved in an Arizona land scam. In the land scam, dubbed SwapGate by the media, McCain said he did nothing wrong when he supported a sweetheart deal to benefit his friends and former employees.

“Look, this is how Washington works.” Said the straight talking Senator. “Supporters of mine wanted to trade worthless scrub land for more valuable federal property, so I told them to hire my former staff members to lobby me. It’s standard operating procedure for us Washington insiders to do this. I got where I am by doing deals just like this, it’s called ‘being a Senator’. In this case, my supporters get the land deal of the century, my former staffers get a fat paychecks, and my PAC gets a $100,000 contribution. What’s wrong with that?”

“You gotta hand it to McCain.” Says Washington watcher Ken Burnside. “McCain just took what most people would view as a major influence peddling scandal and told the American people straight up what he did. There will be no Whitewater style investigation, no long court fight and no embarrassing questions to answer. The straight talk of McCain has just put this issue to bed. Everybody knows what he did and why, so why fight it or try to hide to hide his role?”

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