John McCain Demands Resignation of Key Obama Staffer

Washington (Ucs News)– Arizona Senator John McCain has set his sights on another Campaign staffer of Barack Obama. With the resignation of Jim Johnson, the Republicans proved they can unseat Barack’s advisers. With blood in the water McCain has set his sights on Obama staff member Samuel Rustbeck, Obama’s gardner.

In recent weeks McCain’s campaign has successfully distracted the media and voters by attacking Obama staffers. According to McCain chief of staff, “Barack Obama is a popular candidate so it’s harder to go negative this early in the general election cycle. Instead we plan to show by example that Obama has surrounded himself with corruption and incompetence.”

While stumping in California McCain blasted Obama for not firing Samuel Rustbeck. “It’s plan to me that Rustbeck is over watering the Obama’s lawn and his mower has a dull blade. This type of incompetence would not be tolerated by my campaign or administration.” said McCain. The Arizona Senator went on to blast Rustbeck for not trimming the perennials back soon enough “shocking” said McCain.

McCain then accused Obama of hypocrisy for allowing an over grown hedge to block a basement window.

Obama’s campaign declined to say whether he would replace Samuel Rustbeck, who has maintained the Obama property for the past 18 months. Obama defended Rustbeck and said he was grateful for Rustbeck’s service.

Rustbeck’s resignation may allow Obama to move ahead with without the criticism surrounding him, but it also could make it appear that the campaign quickly caved under pressure. The resignation of Jim Johnson touched off a series of accusations between the two campaigns about which candidate has more tainted advisers and better judgment about who to surround himself with.

Rustbeck may just be another hard working American caught up in the middle of the nations political struggle between the left and the right.