John McCain For Sale on Ebay

(Straight Talk Express) Ucs News- With strict new ethics rules in place and Republican John McCain was forced to clear-out his many lobbyists to last week. With the clean up was complete John McCain has been forced to put himself up for sale on Ebay without the help of a dedicated team of lobbyists.

The Arizona Senator posted himself Ebay add late Friday night. The Ebay listing details the Senators current positions on critical issues and offers suggestions for bids on issues. McCain is offering to change his mind of the issues of tax cuts, torture, gay rights and veterans compensation.

At least five senior staffers have parted ways with McCain’s White House campaign in recent days, after the Arizona senator clamped down on lobbyist activity that might pose a conflict of interest with his presidential bid. A week ago, McCain imposed draconian rules on his staff including a ban on all registered lobbyists or “foreign agents” and a demand for full disclosure of outside activity by part-time volunteers and Straight Talk staffers.

McCain, facing a possible general election contest with a war chest less than half the size of Democrat Barack Obama, must regain his financial footing. The Ebay posting is a way for McCain to tap into high dollar corporate donations without paying of the middle men of Washington’s “K Street” crowd.

Barack Obama, whose campaign banned registered lobbyists from the start, said “I can’t believe that McCain would put himself for sale on Ebay.”