John McCain "Grand Theft Auto 4 is a sin against God"

(Straight Talk Express) Ucs News– Arizona Senator took aim today at the worlds most popular video came. In a speech to Christian conservatives McCain blasted the games publisher Rockstar Games. “I don’t care how good it is for the economy, teaching kids to steal cars is wrong.”

The Senator called “Grand Theft Auto IV is a sin against God” . He also said that he feared the game would distract the nation from the War in Iraq, gas prices and the looming economic crisis.

“GTA IV” publisher Rockstar Games, predicted that with 6 million preorders worldwide, the game will bring in more than $400 million. Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser Stated “We didn’t invent car jacking, we just figured out an honest way to make it pay.”

“Making it pay” is exactly what Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of “GTA IV” publisher Rockstar Games, is doing. According FBI statistics The yearly earning of the GTA franchise is worth twice the value of cars stolen in the US.

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser stated, “I’m disappointed with Senator McCains remarks regarding Grand Theft Auto. ” Houser an accomplished business man was a longtime supporter of McCain until the Arizona senator attacked his firm.