John McCain : "I will ask Sarah Palin and Antonin Scalia to lead nation womb registration program"

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News– Continuing his efforts to win over conservative voters Arizona Senator John McCain announced a bold new program to help control the reproductive rights of all American women and girls. “I will strike down Roe V. Wade and put the government back in control women’s bodies.” said McCain.

“The Republican party is the party of personal responsibility, except when it comes to wombs. In my administration the wombs of Americans will be returned to the government.” Said McCain. The concepts of reproductive FREEDOM and reproductive RIGHTS will be struck down.

The details of the Nation Womb Registration Program include, a national data base and ID card for all girls when they turn 12 years old, with each womb being given it’s own national ID number. While not confirmed at this time planners are suggesting that finger printing, blood tests and genetic testing may be used to “help insure the security of reproductive operations.”

When asked why the federal government should launch a nation womb registration program the Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin stated, “With John McCain planning to overturn Roe V. Wade the federal government will need a way to monitor and control the wombs of all female US citizens.” According to Palin womb registration is the first step in a program that will lead to a wireless real time womb command and control center.

The National womb command and control center will be operated by Supreme court justice Antonin Scalia.