John McCain injured during RNC "Mishap"

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (Ucs News) — Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democrats’ 2000 vice presidential nominee, said Tuesday night that Republican Sen. John McCain has “shown the courage to stab his friends in the back if it will help him get elected.”

“I thank God there is only one John McCain,” Lieberman said to cheers at the Republican National Convention as he explained his withdraw from supporting McCain’s presidential run.

Lieberman said McCain “Is a mean spirited jerk that sold me down the river for that Alaskan ice queen.” Like other speakers Tuesday night, Lieberman said McCain was a two timing rake that used with POW status and his wife’s money to buy power and influence.

The speakers also said McCain’s support for the U.S. “troop surge” in Iraq was an example of him taking an incorrect, and unpopular, positions.

“I’m here to support Barack Obama [for president] because country matters more than party,” said Lieberman, who served three terms as a Democratic senator from Connecticut before winning a term as an independent in 2006.