John McCain Losing His Grip on Christian Evangelicals

(Colorado Springs: Colorado) Ucs News- With his selection of Sarah Palin for his running mate Republican John Mccain figured Christian Evangelicals would rush to support his campaign. He was right…for about 2 weeks. He could not have foreseen the economic disaster that would drive Christian Evangelicals to support his rival Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

McCain’s problems took root when he described himself as a champion of de-regulation, then was late to understand the dangers of the unfolding economic crisis. Christian Evangelicals just don’t believe in de-regulation. Evangelical culture is based on regulation, the rules not set by government, but set by the bible. The ongoing bank failure crisis has shown Evangelicals the “true perils” of de-regulation.

Focus on the Family’s chief, the Reverend James Dobson scolded John Mccain and the Republican party in his weekly radio address. “We came all bare witness to the evils brought on by the libertine culture of de-regulation unleashed by the Republicans in control of Washington.” For years James Dobson stood by the Republicans as long a they championed is so called “Family Values” campaign, but no longer.

According to Focus on the Family insiders familiar with the groups investment holdings; Dobson will have about 50 million dollars less to promote is agenda. A fincial lose that “enraged” the normally sanguine Dobson. His staffers confirmed the staggering losses are driving Dobson to switch his support to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“The Democratic party led by Barack Obama offers the best hope for our flock to maintain their property.” said Dobson. The reverend went on to state off the record. “My followers can’t pursue our family agenda without homes to live in or food to eat.”