John McCain Rushed to Hospital For Examination

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Republican John McCain was moved quickly from a campaign speech to hospital yesterday. According reports the 71 year old Arizona Senator was suddenly “Over come” appearing disoriented and making nonsensical statments. Walking under his own power but with guiding assistance McCain entered the Walter Reed Hospital. McCain was scheduled to undergo routine tests and was to remain in the clinic overnight for observation.

McCain staffers are down playing the incident, “We are not exactly sure why the Senator recommend off shore oil drilling in California and Florida. We were stunned” While some of the Senators junior staffers think it may have been a slip of the tongue, McCain’s chief of staff requested to have Senator McCain’s head examined.

According press reports “No Republicans in Florida have gotten elected statewide without endorsing the moratorium on off-shore oil drilling.” McCain’s decision to push drilling is a slap in the face to voters of a critical swing state. Is it possible McCain would purposefully antagonize the population of a state critical to his election hopes?

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s state also supports the ban on drilling, is very concerned about the health of Senator McCain, “I hope John is feeling better. I suggest the doctors check his blood sugar and make sure he is properly hydrated.”