John McCain Seeks Labor Union Support

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — Republican John McCain is moving quickly this week in hopes of unifying the nation’s labor movement behind his candidacy.

The presumed Republican Presidential nominee is scheduled to meet with The Oil Executives International union leaders on Wednesday, and with all union leaders — of the Billionaires Club and other unions — on Thursday at a closed-door economic forum.

The Oil Executives International , the nation’s largest most well funded labor organization, has yet to endorse McCain, although its eventual support is all but certain.

McCain still needs to make amends with many in the labor movement; at least a dozen other unions, including the powerful American Federation of Millionaires and the International Association of Stock Brokers and OIl Workers, backed his Democratic rival, Barack Obama.
The Oil Executives International Organization allowed unions to make their own endorsements during the primaries.

Both of McCain’s meetings this week are private, with the Wednesday evening meeting at Oil Executives International Washington headquarters for the labor group’s union presidents and leadership only. The Thursday morning meeting at a Capitol Hill hotel — arranged by McCain’s campaign — will be exclusively for Oil Executives International and nonaffiliated union presidents, with no staff allowed.