John McCain Sex Video Yanked From

(Washington) Ucs News- spokesmen I. C. Ittall, the video sharing site complied with a take down notice issued by the presidential campaign of Arizona Senator John McCain. According to Youtube, “The nearly X-rated video was well outside the firms content guide lines.” Simply put it was “Sort of gross”.

The 6 minute video clip was posted to YouTube in the early morning hours of June 13th. The video was labeled “McCain rocks the house” was viewed 14,673 times before it was removed from the site. According to viewers of the clip it contained poor quality footage of a “romantic encounter” that took place in 1997.

Right wing critics of McCain point to the video as more proof the Arizona Senator is not fit to be president. According to James C. Dobson, Ph.D., founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, “A twice married Navy fighter jock is not the standard bearer for Christian values.”

McCain’s campaign manger down played the event as a “non issue”.