John McCain Signs Exxon Mobil Corporation as Lead Campaign Sponsor

(Washington D.C) Ucs News– Arizona Senator and republican presidential nominee John McCain announced a major campaign finance reform. According to McCain “It’s time for campaigns to have greater transparency.” In response to Barack Obama’s elimination lobbyist influence from the Democratic National Committee John McCain and the National Republican Committee have agreed to represent Exxon Mobil in the up coming presidential elections.

The New campaign will kick off next week with the slogan, “John McCain brought to you by Exxon Mobil ” The agreement includes a minimum of 800 Million dollars in campaign contributions, the use of Exxon Mobil ‘s private jets, call centers and office staffers for the McCain administration.

According to McCain campaign manger the Exxon Mobil partnership is a natural for the Republican party. “Bush administration policies have created a huge windfall for Exxon Mobil it’s common sense that they would be working hard to maintain the same agenda. The McCain agenda.”

Exxon Mobil issued a press release confirming the deal. Exxon Mobil has decided to fire it’s lobbing staff. According to the press release “Publicly made direct cash payments are completely transparent and avoids any suggestion of illegal influence in the presidential campaign. The American people will not be asking questions about what interests McCain will be serving if he become the President.”