John McCain : "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Must Resign"

(Virginia : Straight Talk Express) Ucs News: John McCain stunned reporters and campaign staff alike when he cut off his scripted victory speech to demand Justice Antonin Scalia be held accountable for his actions. “I’m terribly disappointed with remarks of Justice Scalia, a man seated on the highest court of the land, in a freedom and peace loving nation cannot support the torture of another human being.” state a visibly angry McCain.

McCain went on to declare “If were President today, I would demand Scalia’s head!”. Short of demanding Scalia’s head McCain did request the Senate take up a resolution demanding a retraction of the offensive remarks.

George H.W. Bush released a statement backing McCain’s criticism of Scalia’s remarks. “I’m sure that Ronald Reagan had no idea that Justice Scalia would bring such shame to the highest court.” According to the Senior Bush when Scalia was appointed by Reagan in 1986 the Justice showed an “even temperament” and “reasonable personal judgment”.

Note from the Author: Really, how are we going to sleep at night knowing that a troll like Antonin Scalia is “Protecting” our rights. Thanks to Ronald Reagan and the Bush boys for loading the court with these terrible judges. The highest court of the land is well on it’s way to being the lowest.