John McCain Taps Osama Bin Laden as Running Mate

(Washington D.C.) Ucs news- Arizona Senator John McCain ended weeks of speculation today with announcement of Osama Bin Laden as his general election running mate. The Republican presidential candidate confirmed that while Bin Laden would not be campaigning in the US, The Al-Qaida founder would be appearing in McCain’s campaign ads and would be releasing video interviews from Afghanistan’s tribal areas.

Speaking via internet video link, Osama Bin Laden welcomed McCain’s announcement. “I’m happy to take part in the US presidential election, When Rudy Giuliani dropped I was afraid my voice wouldn’t be heard.” While Rudy Giuliani had no official link to Osama bin Laden, the New York Mayor claimed Bin Laden and and 911 as his own. Bin Laden reaffirmed that he would be involved with fear mongering and would play the boggy man for the Republicans through the November election.

Although Bin Ladin’s foreign birth disqualifies him from the position of Vice President, MCcain staffers confirmed the Al-Qaida leader will play a major roll in the fall election. McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker told confirmed that while Osama Bin Laden has appeared in many McCain television ads there was no official agreement until until this week.

According to Hazelbaker, The Al-Qaida leader reached out to the McCain after news reports stated Bin Laden was a supporter of Barack Obama. “In the face of such blatant lies about his position Bin Laden was compelled to come forward. Bin Laden is a long time supporter of John McCain.”