John McCain "Thank God Liberals don't shoot people"

DENVER, Colorado (Ucs News) –Responding to reports of white supremacist “meth heads” planning to assassinate Barack Obama in Denver, Arizona Senator John McCain stated he was grateful that “All liberals are cowards that hate guns.” and the he feels “perfectly safe.”

It seems John McCain faith in Democrats is not mis-placed. While the Straight Talk express was tagged with an Obama bumper sticker, The McCain campaign has largely been free of the death threats and violence that have plagued is challenger Barack Obama.

While supporting the effort to elect Batrack Obama the chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas was been murdered. Bill Gwatney was shot by an unknown man at party headquarters in Little Rock and died later in hospital.

The Obama campaign offices in St. Paul Minnesota were also attacked. When police arrived to the scene, officer found two large plate glass windows and a glass door completely smashed out and paint splattered on the outside and inside of the building. A campaign worker was in the basement at the time of the incident, but was unhurt. Police believe the Obama campaign office was targeted because of its Democratic affiliation.

Please tell me why the Pro-Gun right wing conservatives keep making the case for gun control? Why does the rule of law not apply to Republican supporters? And please tell me why the so called “national security” party has domestic terrorists working in their interests?