John McCain the Coward Flees from Mob of Uninsured Senior Citizens

(Phoenix, Arizona) Ucs News: Senator John McCain, well known for his straight talk and courageous war service, turned tail and ran from his own town hall meeting. McCain took the stage and tried to defend the GOP position that 47 million uninsured Americans would have to, in his words “Get over it.” McCain’s position, while popular with Fox News anchors and Washington Republicans, met fierce opposition from Arizona’s tax paying uninsured seniors.

According to witnesses “You could see the courage drain from McCain’s face as he was grilled about the Senate’s posh medical insurance plan and the Republican party’s failure to help Americans in need “. McCain just didn’t have a defense, the crowd wanted Straight Talk but all they got was total bull.

What McCain staffers called a group “of Friendly pre-Screened supporters of insurance company rights” before the meeting turned into an angry mob of chair throwing 70 year old thugs.

The mob was rallied by 78 year old Davis Mills of Greenberg Arizona. The ailing war veteran demanded to know why McCain, an employee serving the citizens of Arizona, had access to a excellent health insurance plan while he had none. “You work for me!” shouted Mills.

As Mills threw aside his walker and tore off his oxegen mask, he continued to demand an answer from the Arizona Senator, McCain became visibly shaken. After enduring another minute of the verbal assault, McCain said “See ya” and fled the stage.

Mills Speaking to reports following McCain’s dash to safety stated “I thought John McCain was supposed to be a brave fighter, a courageous Maverick. Sad…it turns out that McCain is just another coward beholden to Insurance company money, playing partisan politics with the lives of sick Americans.” Is McCain really a hero?

“McCain looks pretty small when you compare him to Teddy Kennedy.” said Mills.