John McCain to Chuck Norris: "Bring it on whipper snapper!"

WASHINGTON (UCS News) – Chuck Norris brought his tough-guy approach to the campaign trail Sunday, taking aim at John McCain’s age and suggesting the Arizona senator might not last even a single term. McCain shot back “I’m more than ready to kick your butt , Bring it on whipper snapper!”

McCain went on to scold Norris, “While I was eating cockroaches in the Hanoi Hilton Chuck Norris was braving the room temperature shrimp cocktails on a movie sets and playing grab ass with his leading ladies.” McCain then offered to make Schmuck Norris “Cry like a school girl.”

Norris an ardent supporter of Mike Huckabee, told reporters that in his expert medical opinion serving as president accelerates the aging process 3-to-1. According to the good doctor Norris “If McCain takes over the presidency at 72 and he ages 3-to-1, how old will he be in four years? Well I’m not sure but it’s too darn old'”

Huckabee himself avoided offering his own medical opinion on whether McCain is fit for the presidency, saying “I eat one fried squirrel a week to keep my mojo going strong.”