John McCain to Honor Kennedy Legacy By Blasting Healthcare Reform

(Boston, Mass) Ucs News: In a tearful speech he gave during Teddy Kennedy’s funeral service, Arizona Senator, John McCain, vowed to “Honor the legacy of one of our nations’ greatest men.” McCain said he will accept the torch of Kennedy’s spirit and use it to “Burn the Democratic parties healthcare reform to the ground.”

McCain said it was his honor to serve in office with Kennedy. The two men came from two different worlds but shared the Washington ideal. While Kennedy was born into a family with wealth and prestige, John McCain divorced his crippled wife to marry the young daughter of a wealthy beer distributer. In their own way, they found themselves in Washington.

Kennedy, known as the “liberal lion,” championed universal health care for all while McCain, “The Maverick” championed healthcare perks for his Senate colleagues. While Kennedy protested the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , McCain demanded more troops and tanks be sent to the front lines.

Following the service, McCain stood arm in arm with several insurance company lobbyists and promised to maintain the current failed system. “I promise on the grave of Edward Kennedy that I will do nothing to help people in need…..except insurance companies.