John McCain Vows to Clean Out Failed Republican Administration

In a Fiery acceptance speech insurgent candidate John McCain vowed to clear out the culture of corruption and failure that has pervaded Washington for the last eight years. The convention crowd of McCain faithful cheered him on as he attacked the policies of the incumbent party. McCain made it clear ‘if he is elected the party in power better look out.’

McCain is trying to position his candidacy as a force of change in Washington and his contempt for the current President was absolute. Why McCain would not even mention him by name, he also would not mention the President’s father by name.

“McCain being very clear,” says Washington watcher Tony Brooks. “He is ready and willing to take on the business as usual crowd in Washington. If I was a Republican politician who has been in Washington 26 years, say, I would be quaking in my boots. McCain has laid down a marker that the failed policies of the President and his party are going to be swept from the field if he is elected.

Can McCain and his party convince the public that they have what it takes to root out the Republicans and break their iron grip on the presidency? Who knows? But One thing we do know is this election is about change, and Washington insiders better get ready.