Just in Case you forgot: Tucker Carleson is still a twit.

In light of the recent not really news stories clogging the world air waves. Unconfirmedsoures would like to take the time to remind you that truly important things are still happening. Yes Terry Shaivio is dead, Yes the Pope is dead and Yes Michael Jackson is still a pervert. Now turn off your television and get the news.

Just in Case you Forgot:
1. George w. Bush never had and still does not have a plan for Social Security.
2. Gas Prices are higher and oilmen (like Bush and Cheney) are getting richer.
3. There is still a war in Iraq.
4. The cost of the war is now 144.4 Billion and increasing 177 million each Day.
5. Tom Delay is a crook.
6. Judges don’t answer to the President, Congress, God or Tom Delay.
7. AIDS also kills straight people.
8. The Bible does NOT say it’s okay to kill blacks and beat up gays.
9. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, people with guns kill lots of people.
10. Tucker Carleson is still a twit.