Justice Roy Moore adds Ten more Commandments to monument

Unconfirmed sources report Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has drafted 10 more commandments to help guide “Gods Party” through the next election cycle. Judge Moore has been concerned about the ethical short comings of the Republican party for some time. Moore like many others has watched Republicans pander to the Christian right while systematically violating just about every moral and ethical standard. “We would be remiss if we didn’t help clarify the rules for good governance”.

Too that end Judge Moore, with the help of legal and ethical scholars, has created commandants 11 through 20 to help the Republican party avoid further ethical “grey areas”. The monument is currently being updated and will return to it’s national tour by mid August.

11. Thou shall not live on a defense cotracters million dollar yacht.
12. Thou shall not divert money to violate campaign fiance laws.
13. Thou shall not commit treason by leaking names of CIA agents.
14. Thou shall not send Colin Powel to lie to the United Nations.
15. Thou shall not lie to members of the United Nations.
16. Thou shall not gut Social security to fund tax cuts for the rich.
17. Thou shall not steal money from native Americans
18. Thou shall not eat free at Jack Abramoffs restaurant.
19. Thou shall not go duck hunting with Supreme Court justices.
20. Thou shall not engage in the practice of torture
(Gitmo included)