Karl Rove Resigns to Join Darth Vader: Dark Side of the Force Plans Comeback

The Death Star (UCS News Galactic ) Karl Rove stood by his new master today aboard the imperial Death Star. Within the shadow of Darth Vader, Rove explained that electoral politics had lost it’s meaning for him and that the Dark Side of the Force was showing greater potential for the 2008 election cycle.

According to Rove, The Dark SIde of the force has been calling to him for some time. While the Bush Administrations in Texas and Washington allowed Rove to explore the Dark Side it’s now time to “Unleash the true potential of fear and Darkness.”

Sources inside the Death Star report the Rove is being personally trained by The Emperor himself and Lord Vader.

The same source reports a strong sense of loathing and apprehension fell over the Death Star when Rove came aboard. The Dark side flows strong in Rove.