Karl Rove Resigns to "Spend more time with legal defense team and family"

WASHINGTON (UCS News) — Karl Rove, perhaps the most powerful White House aide in recent history, called it quits Monday, signaling the de-facto end to the presidency of George W. Bush.

Rove, known as the boy genius fell back on the all too familiar “Spend more time with legal defense team and family”. According to staffers, Rove has retained the services of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and 4 members of the supreme court to help defend his illegal conduct.

Many were surprised that Rove would admit to legal trouble as Bush has already cloaked Rove in executive privilege. Rove is know to be “untouchable” with a Presidential pardon at his disposal should he require one.

Known as “Bush’s brain” by critics and “the architect” by Bush himself, Rove announced his resignation would be the low point in the administration. Now with Democrats in control of Congress the Bush administration has little chance of driving policy.

“All lame ducks are lame ducks; this one, with me now turning out the lights, is the most lame duck we’ve seen in a long time.” Stated Rove.