Karl Rove's 'Deleted' RNC Emails Found!

Unconfirmed sources report that a missing RNC server that contained back-up’s of ‘deleted’ emails from presidential aid Karl Rove has been found. The server is purported to contain over 14,000 emails from Rove to various government officials and republican operatives.

The server, a Dell PowerEdge sc440, was found in the Potomac river just under the 11st bridge. The blade type server was recovered and taken to the FBI where forensic technicians were able to recover thousands of e-mails sent using secret off the books RNC e-mail accounts.

The recovery of the server was a fluke, as it was discovered at the bottom of the Potomac.
“I was doing a bit of diving under the bridge when I looked up and saw a splash.” Says D.C. native Kenneth Clarkston, who was scuba diving under the bridge four days ago. “I saw the splash above me and then the server just drifted down to me. I put out may hands and it fell right in. It was crazy, just crazy.” Clarkston admits that he spends many hours diving in the Potomac for he is looking for the lost Nixon tapes that many believe where throw into the Potomac.

“This is bad news for the President and Karl Rove.” Says Washington watcher Keith Harris, of The Harris Group, a non-profit watchdog group. “The ‘my dog ate the hard drive’ excuse just will not cut it. There is now direct evidence that top White House and RNC officials are engaging in an unlawful cover up. That server didn’t just appear in the Potomac River. Somebody put it there, and that somebody is going to get the President and Karl Rove thrown in jail for obstruction of justice.”

The FBI has possession of the server and has apparently reviewed it’s contents and delivered it the Senate Judiciary Committee that had already issued subpoenas for the records the server contained.