Karr Child Pornography Charges Dismissed, Tapped to Complete Foley's Term

Palm Beach, FL (Rotters) -John Mark Karr, the former suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey killing had all charges against him concerning child pornography dismissed in California yesterday due to lack of evidence. Karr was immediately flown to Florida, where he was endorsed by the Bush administration as a successor to recently disgraced, Florida representative Mark Foley.

Reading from a prepared statement in Palm Beach this morning, Karr, a former schoolteacher, stated that he was pleased to have his reputation cleared, and was looking forward to filling the shoes of Representative Foley. He stated that, in a way, he felt responsible for the behavior of Foley and was anxious to make amends. He stated that he was excited to be given the opportunity to mentor the upcoming class of Congressional Pages.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales appeared with Karr to validate the findings of the Santa Rosa judge who had dismissed all charges the day before. Gonzales stated that Karr would be merely finishing out Foley’s remaining term and that decisions to retain the office and seek election would be up to him (Karr).

Karr later met informally with President Bush, who was making a campaign fund-raising appearance for underdog incumbent Florida representative, Katherine Harris. They discussed ways in which Karr might be able to bolster flagging support for President Bush’s controversial No Child Left Behind program.