Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher Declares Himself King

Unconfirmed sources report that Ernie Fletcher, formerly the Republican Governor of Kentucky, has declared himself the King of the newly formed Principality of Kentucky. King Ernie the First has opened an embassy in Washington D.C. and is negotiating with the United Nations for membership.

King Ernie declared himself king at a ceremony in the Building formerly known as Kentucky State Capitol Building.

“I declare myself King Ernie the First of The Principality of Kentucky. I am thy new ruler bow down before your new sovereign. I am King, I am the Law, I bow to no man, or court, or country. Kneel before me and swear allegiance or you shall be put to death.” Said the new King.

I think this is a good move for Kentucky.” says federalism expert Ben Franklin. “Kentucky has been on the short end of the stick since it joined The United States and Kentuckians deserve better. I think King Ernie’s new country has a good shot at making it on its own. If this works, I bet other states with troubled governors like Ohio and Florida will go the same way.

“This move by King Ernie has nothing to do with his appearance before the Grand Jury.” said royal spokesmen Guy Fox. “This had nothing to do with blanket pardons given by the former governor to members of his corrupt administration. This has nothing to do with the Federal Investigation into the former governor’s illegal behaviors. The King denies any wrong doing and has proclaimed that anyone asking any more questions about this situation be shot. Any more questions?