Kidman/Urban Secret Honeymoon Destination Discovered and Targeted by Lone Paparazzi

Baghdad, Iraq (O! Online) – Newlyweds Nicole Kidman and the Keith Urban had their secret honeymoon plans in the US military Green Zone in Baghdad dashed by a lone paparazzi. The couple had planned to show their international support for both Australian and American occupation forces by spending their honeymoon in the Green Zone. The couple was reportedly very frightened by the experience, hastily canceling the remainder of their honeymoon, and immediately flying to the island of Fiji according to Kidman’s publicist.

Kidman’s publicist went on to state that the couple originally felt it was important to be showing support for the Australian and American troops tasked with the unpopular prolonged occupation of Iraq, while not implicitly endorsing the original decision to go to war by both governments. She stated also that it was sad that the couple had to leave so quickly for their own safety. Kidman was reportedly very angered over continued assurances of improved security from the US government, and the arrangements made for the honeymoon through the State Department.

Kidman and Urban apparently became very shaken when an IED was set off by a lone paparazzi in order to elicit a reaction from the couple and snap a picture. No one was hurt during the explosion and a military photographer was able to capture a picture of the incident. Military authorities stated that the paparazzi was immediately caught and has been transported to Guant