Kids Warning finally heeded "Spinach is Bad."

Unconfirmed sources report that kids have always known better. For years, adults have ignored the warnings of children worldwide. This week it was proven, once and for all, that spinach is bad. The children of the world now stand vindicated in their belief that the leafy green vegetable is no good and can kill you.

Fresh off the success of the spoiled spinach campaign, kids of the world are now focusing on the other remaining plagues that scar their lives. Homework is now the prime target for elimination, followed closely by squash, babysitters, and bedtime.

According to those close to children, nothing wastes more time and displaces more TV time than homework. Speaking from an undisclosed location, the 12 year old leader of the Homework Extermination Council, Buster Epstein stated, “Now that the curse of spinach has been lifted from our dinner plates it is time to throw off the burden of homework.”

Buster has a huge following of children backing his radical plans for reform. While many support the the end of homework, they don’t agree that all middle school teachers should be arrested and imprisoned.