Kim Jong-Il Disappointed By United States Tribute Failure.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has expressed disappointment and dismay that his surprise gesture of conciliation and peace aimed at it’s former enemy, the United States of America, has failed. On the American Independence Day, July 4, Mr. Kim had planned to send up several rockets filled with patriotic fireworks such as sparklers, concussion mortars and various other displays common in the US on that day, but sadly for world diplomacy, none of the fireworks actually ignited.

One rocket, which was supposed to ignite over the Sea of Japan and explode into crossed American, North Korean and Japanese flags, fell into the sea seconds after launch. As if that bit of bad luck wasn’t enough, apparently just after the fireworks failure, all thirty seven of the fireworks specialists assigned to the display mysteriously died of lead poisoning, the cause of which is so far unknown.

Ironically, the failed tribute seems to have caused more harm than good. South Korea, Japan and the US has somehow misconstrued Mr. Kim’s gesture of reconciliation and taken the attempted display as an act of aggression; tensions between the four nations have actually increased rather than diminished. Diplomats from the three nations that were the planned recipients of the tribute have warned North Korea that fireworks of any kind are dangerous and reminded the president of that nation that every year thousands of people suffer from serious burns, loss of fingers and eyes and have even died playing with illegal fireworks. They advised Mr. Kim to leave the fireworks displays to licensed professionals.

Mr. Kim, stung by the rebuff of what he viewed as a major gesture of friendship has replied to the international community saying, “Well, excluse me you cleeps